I’m your one stop tech guy (Nerd!)

Starting back in 1977, working on IBM Mainframe Computers, doing processing for a large bank. I was introduced to ML (Markup Language). ML was used by IBM to configure and control text formatting, fonts, images and other controls for printing forms and documents on their Laser printers.  HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code is and extension of ML and is what the Internet is mostly built on. 

Having retired in 2004, I started Designing, Building & Maintaining sites for several Nonprofit churches, conference centers around Whatcom County. I also have a local Fruit grower (Orchard) website as well. 

I specialize designing website use Google Sites. Any existing or New gmail account users can use Google Sites. Also Google Apps uses "Sites" which if you business is a 401c4 or 401c3 nonprofit or If you are in Education (private or public School), can create a Google Apps(Sites) account. These Nonprofit/Education Google Sites are provide for free, you only need to verify your status to Google App. 

If Google is not your cup of Tea, I also have access to Web servers for flat HTML or for a CMS (Content Management System), like Joomla, Ruby, etc..

Additionally, I teach seniors and others on how to use their devices like; Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Smartwatches, etc. I even can help you with media conversion and uploading for Camera Stills/Motion.